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  • So, JavaScript is fundamentally dynamic. And you see all the value in TypeScript and Dart coming from the tool-time advisory checking, the warnings. When I was at JSConf AU in 2012, I made the joke that, "Well, it really isn’t a type system, right? They should have called it WarnScript. But WarnScript’s not a very good name."
  • · Episode #075 Maintainable JavaScript []
    • My main goal is not that there's a right way or a wrong way to do stuff, but that there should be one way and it should be unambiguous so everyone can get to work on the stuff that's actually providing value...It's very hard to show that one format style is demonstrably worse than the other.
    • The point of my Scalable JavaScript Architecture was specifically to say, "Here's how you start building an architecture that is opinionated about the groundwork but nothing else. It has this idea of separating things into modules; of not creating a bunch of global objects; of creating an easy way to have extensions into the core of what the architecture does. But short of that, the rest is wide open".
    • The goal should never be to build the biggest thing possible; the goal is always to build the smallest thing possible, but you can build a big thing out of those small things.
  • · Episode #048 Why JavaScript Is Hard []
    You have this dynamic scope through the 'this' keyword, we're not even sure what it is, but it's not really bound to the class of the constructor like you think it is. How many people have been bit by that? I even have articles, entire conference talks about what is this. What does this mean?
  • · Episode #045 JSJ jQuery []
    It's too bad that form elements weren't standardized when they were standardized, because you know the idea that you have to access the value of a radio box differently than you access the value of a text box differently than you access the value a text area differently than you access the value of a check box. So, it's not like you can just select something and say .value. So, it's really great that jQuery said, "Well, screw that! Let's just make it so if you hit .val, no matter what type of form element it is, it's going to figure out how to give you the thing that you're expecting". So you can change your form element from a text area, or a text field to a text area if you find you need more space and you don't have to go back and change your JavaScript.
  • · Episode #032 - Angular.js []
    Misko Hevery and Igor Minar are the guests and discuss Directives, Dependency injection, the Main method and why it's evil, Scope, Testability and Services in Angular.
  • · Episode #005 - Javascript Objects []
    ...there's no such thing as arrays in JavaScript. There's an array syntax, which will create an object that inherits a particular prototype but don't go thinking that if you put stuff in arrays, it's going to be more efficient because all it's doing is turning zero into a string and then looking it up in the hash table and then returning object at that position.
  • Triangulation
  • · Episode #102: Adam Carolla []
    Interesting story of how he got started. I liked the side-bar about how Dennis Miller didn't inspire him, but Billy Bob Smith on talk radio did. Also liked the comment about how you can be good at many things, but it's best to find the thing(s) you excel at (e.g., Madonna).
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  • · Episode #103: Coding Sins []
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  • · 308: Age Limits and Bad CopyShow DescriptionWe're back for another RAPIDFire episode answering your questions on age limits in web design, correcting clients with bad copy, SCSS mixins, Yarn vs NPM, web vs native, and deep learning of core topics. ⭐️NetlifyNetlify is a next-level ...
  • · 307: Existential QuestionsShow DescriptionOn this episode Dave and Chris talk about how much is a podcast worth to you, follow up questions about Gutenberg, mixing HTML into Javascript, how to sniff out a scam client, theming components in Vue, and how to get started with web as...
  • · 306: Debugging CSS with Aimee KnightShow DescriptionJust when you think you know everything there is to know about CSS, Aimee Knight is on the show and she'll help you understand CSS in a new way as a Javascript developer learning about CSS. ⭐️One MonthLearn to Code in Just One Month With...
  • · 305: CSS Jitter
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  • · 303: JAM Stack with Phil Hawksworth
  • · 302: React Drama with Michael Jackson
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  • · Developing a New PerspectiveUnder the Radar RSS Feed Overcast Link iTunes Link PocketCasts Subscribe Link I am delighted to announce that today I am launching a new development related podcast with Marco Arment. It is called Under the Radar and starts today on the fine Relay FM N...
  • · #225: Users per Day.I tend to think of my app business in terms of revenue per day. Breaking it down to that level helps me keep a close eye on it and know how well or poorly I’m doing. Today I walk through the reasoning for this as well as do a thought experiment of what ...
  • · #224: Unplanned Absence.Some thoughts on the implications of having to take an unplanned absence from your work when you are self-employed. There are a lot of benefits of being independent that manifest themselves in a situation like this but also a few things to be careful of...
  • · #223: What to expect this summer.An overview of what to expect this summer: the beta schedule, timing for release, the importance of RADARS, my growing interest in Swift and an encouragement for everyone to build something new this summer. Will Hains’ iOS Beta History
  • · #222: WWDC 2015 First Impressions.First Impressions from WWDC 2015. These are my initial reactions right after the Keynote, I’ll probably do another episode later in the week which has more considered reactions.
  • · #221: Circular Revenue.Some high level thoughts about WWDC and my excitement for it. Then, a few thoughts about whether mobile advertising is in a precarious position.
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  • · #217: The Brand.
  • · #216: The Hustle.
  • · #215: Insidious Features.
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